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Vertigo's lovers 2006
Magic soaring in Salève
No Escaping Gravity( Special K) and i never ever want to crash
Speed-Rinding 2007 THE VIDEO!! You too want to give it a try ? Then contact Pat Lachat Phone 0041 79 206 42 24
TRAILER spring 2007 new objectif
Film de speed riding tourné à Avoriaz par DYNAMITE PROD
Nouveau film de speed riding par le DYNAMITE PROD
Un petit tour en hélico avant d'attaquer la descente en speed DYNAMITE PROD.
Petit run tourné à Avoriaz production Dynamite Prod
No Escaping Gravity 2 K_PROD The come back ?
Raoul the demo!
""Perfect Moment in Saleve "" THIS LOVE music
The best film of speed riding 2007 with Pierre Malbet and Antoine Montant
VERTIGO 2007 THE REVELATION where is Raoul ?
Chamonix october problem of camera with colours
Vertigo 2008
"Feex" is the new speedflying's wing realized by Aerodyne
Good day the 27 sept 2008
Colors memory in Saleve 07october 2008
Last soaring 2008