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Les vidéos du mois de janvier - septembre 2006
Film du 15 janvier The new NiviuK perfo and super condition in Verbier
Special movie for the new parafilmproduction.ch 2006
Good condtion in Verbier the 01 february with the Artik and the good pilotes.
The good spot for flying the winter. 04 february 2006 nice condition.
Day calms on Verbier thermics were lazy 07 february 2006.
11 february. Still an incredible day with thermics well there
03mars, For the tears it is necessary to live again
The film "NiviuK"
Test day in Verbier the 17-18-19 march with the Aerodyne and the Niviuk
3-6 of death 2005
Claim your wild space
Llife style and the 3-6 of death
WAGAS FESTIVAL 2006..... lifestyle and competition
holidays quiet for cameraman
Vertigo 2006 the first film
Last fly on the saleve until 6 months(fiction?)
One Day 2006, perfect moment in automn
Speed Flying in Saleve
last film in 2006, crash delta